Doctoral School

  • On the occasion of the International Conference OIPE 2016, the School "F. Gasparini " organizes a free of charge educational event addressed to students of PhD courses and young professionals interested in the topic of optimization.

    The spirit and purpose of the School are recalled in the appendix.


    Intensive Course and Tutorial

    (Rome, 12 September 2016)


    Stochastic Optimization and Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Electrical Engineering Problems


    Bruno Sareni

    Université de Toulouse, INPT-ENSEEIHT/LAPLACE France




    The course presents the state of the art of stochastic optimization and nature inspired algorithms with a particular focus on advanced techniques in evolutionary computation


    Site of the Didactic Activity  (new)

    Lectures will be given at Engineering Department, Via Vito Volterra 62, Rome, Italy, Sala Multimediale (3rd floor, #3.08).

    Tutorials will be given at Engineering Department, Via della Vasca Navale 81, Rome, Italy, Campus One (5 minutes walk) 

    Participants will receive free coffee breaks and lunch

    Timetable (new 

    Lectures will be given according to the following schedule


    9:00 10:30

      Lecture 1

    10:30 10:45

      Coffee Break

    10:45 13:00

      Lecture 2

    13:00 14:00


    14:00 15:30

      Tutorial 1

    15:30 15:45


    15:45 17:30

      Tutorial 2



    Program and Teaching Supports


    Content of the lectures

    Introduction to stochastic optimization

    Generating random number distributions in stochastic optimization methods
    Classification of stochastic optimization methods
    Basic methods: simplest but poorly efficient approaches

    Uniform sampling of the search space
    Classical random walk method (without or with direction exploitation)
    Simulated Annealing

    The simple Genetic Algorithm

    Principle of Darwinian evolution
    The basic GA algorithm
    Variation operators according to the solution representation
    Selection and replacement schemes in the standard GA
    Evolution strategies

    Advanced techniques in Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation

    Introduction to Niching in evolutionary algorithms
    Application to multiobjective evolutionary algorithms
    Self-adaptation in evolutionary algorithms
    Using variable-length chromosomes to solve complex optimization problems
    Particle Swarm Optimization


    Content of the tutorial

    Shape optimization of a capacitor profile using the charge simulation method

    Problem definition: benchmark originality and features
    Application of optimization methods to this benchmark: classical gradient-based algorithms of the Matlab Optimization Toolbox,
    deterministic direct search methods and stochastic optimization approaches developed in the lecture


    Registration Form

    All intersted PhD Students must fill the registration form available here or in downloads area and mail it at
    within 15th August 2016 with in object: PhD School registration - (name,surname).

    Important Note: 
    the International Journal Compel will award a best paper prize for a paper

    presented by a young researcher (In this case, at least one author must be regularly registered as
    Student to make his paper a valid candidate for the prize).

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